Sunday, November 28, 2010

To UGG or not to UGG? That is the question.

We're transitioning into winter now and a practical casual boot is something every girl should be rocking to keep comfortable these next chilly months. I usually loathe UGGs, however, this year I have found some styles that are completely suitable for the cold casual days of fall and winter that aren't drab!

These Sheepskin UGGS are showstopping! My roommate wears these (also in black) and is constantly complimented & questioned where she purchased them! Exclusively @

These furry guys are not from UGG but from Australia Luxe! Megan Fox's rocks them in a super casual outfit! Get 'em @

LC effortlessly rocks the Minnetonka black boots with fringe! Love, Love, Love these boots, just enough boho flair, yet still keeping those toesies warm :) find em @ (also available in more colors.)

Hope these ideas help for the holidays! 




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