Wednesday, March 9, 2011

velvet crush

Personally, I always hated the material velvet, for me, its reminiscent of that creepy Santa Claus at the mall... is it just me? I was also forced into a lot of velvet ensembles when I was a youngster... but now that my girls (esp. Vanessa) is rockin' it I think I might have to get over myself and try it again! 

What do y'all think? Like it? Hate it
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{photos via: instylestyleiwanttobearoitfeld}

xx, catalina 


  1. I dont like it also.

  2. Love it on Vanessa and Zoe, although I don't think I'm so much of a fan.

  3. Love velvet, not crazy about the way Vanessa Hudgens styled it but loving zoe saldona's look.

  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    I really like your blog is really very good. . :DDD
    these dresses are beautiful *-*

  5. I really like velvet!

  6. I love velvet but only have a few pieces in my wardrobe. A DVF LBD is one of my go-to staples and of course my velvet Black Milk leggings. I think I might start thinking of introducing colour though after seeing this gorgeous dress selection :)

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  7. I usually despite it...especially crushed velvet, but when draped and styled correctly...goes from drab to FAB in 5 seconds flat...Love this collection. You know VHud can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing!


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