Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, my roommate & I paid a trip to Barney's where we tried on Christian Louboutins :) it was our first time to try the infamous red-soled designer duds, but we were so stoked! Check out our crazy dress-up frenzy ... 

These were to D.I.E. check it: the gold, hot pink satin, platform, and glitter detail!
check 'em out online :)
My roommate couldn't take these strappy sandals off! They looked amazing :)
(Not featured online.)

Next time you're in a Barney's or Nordstrom's go try on some hooker-esque Christian Louboutins, even if you can't go home with them @ least you can have a great goal for the future! (Or put them on your Christmas list! ;-P) They're a blast.



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