Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ViX = SiCKKK :)

So today I'm chillin in lecture, and I'm checking my facebook and lo & behold....

I never win stuff... ever! So this was pretty cool, I was very grateful and super stoked. ViX is a premium bathing-suit line that was created by Paula Hermanny. Her Brazilian heritage and seamstress upbringings makes her one of the top innovative and fashionable bathing-suite designers in the world. To learn more about Paula and her beautifully tailored line of bathing-suites and resort wear visit: ViXswimwear.com

One of my faves: "London" ViX Cruise 2010 Collection
{photo courtesy of: ViX} 

Thanks again to ViX Swimwear for the generous gift! 



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